Wicked Problem: Blog 4

So this is my last blog yay!  This class was very long.  I found some things very interesting but I mostly found it very liberal. I felt as though it was super one sided  and I also found it a little humorous that this type of class is particularly directed towards DHM because it’s more of a liberal arts area within the college.  I will say it’s smart that they do that but it was not my favorite class but my professor was nice.  I felt as though this class was not  needed because I learned a lot of this when I was younger. It could be the fact that I lived in Washington state for a long time and they are also very liberal but either way I believe it is something that most people should be educated about and be able to form their own ideas.  Everything is not fact and so sometimes you need to push the limit with that and not believe everything you hear even if it is in a college class.

 I personally do not think the human race is doomed. Yes we mess up again and again but I believe that at one point we will get it right.  If we are truly doomed and then I believe that we will all die and then the earth will keep on spinning.
I’m glad I got to learn more about my industry and how it effects the world and I will take that into account when I make my own products some day.
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