Blog 3

Michael Pawlyn’s Ted Talk was very interesting because she imagined sustainability in an architectural view and sometimes people forget that there can be multiple ways to view sustainability and different ways to implement nature into design and lifestyle.

Lectures have continually reminded me to be aware of my surroundings and how I can better improve the environment. Even if one person changes his or her habits, it can have a tremendous impact of the environment, not to mention if everyone had this mindset; we could change the environment within a matter of years. The activity that we did this week, where each group lectured was eye opening. The part that I really enjoyed was about closing the loops and how there are some aspects of recycling that people don’t partake in but some people go in and take on that recycling and therefor closes the loop. I think this is really interesting.

I think up cycling, recycling and down cycling are really important because most people just throw out things after using it once but if they were to upcycle or downcycle the items we would reduce waste and get use out of the item more than just the one time.

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