Blog #4

I’m finally back…

Apparently I got a little too wrapped up in life and forgot to blog last week. Sorry about that. But, I am back and ready to share a little about what has been going on in my life and class!

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the botanical garden. I heard it is beautiful there, and that the activity was quite interesting! Our assignment was to complete a variety of activities that were related to our senses and how we perceive certain parts of nature. My group said there were lots of laughs in the process! If I was there, I am sure I would have thought the same!

Don’t worry, Thursday I made it to class and participated in our design slam! Our problem was to come up with a solution/concept that would help our ‘roommate’ out, because she was a heavy shopper that got rid of her clothes after she wore them. When I say get rid, I mean she threw them away. Our concept was called ‘Toss2Treasure‘, meaning that the items she tossed could be turned into someone else’s treasure. We suggested a few solutions to help get rid of this problem. Our roommate could easily donate her used items to a store that would take them in, she could sell them, or she could be creative and up-cycle them into new clothing, or different items. If she were to choose our last solution it would be a great way to save money, and make good use out of the clothing she had already wore! Upcycling is a great way to make an old thing feel or look new! Other than our own, there were more ideas that had some good suggestions! Learning community #1 had great visuals to explain their story! They kept it funny, which immediately caught my attention and pulled me in to listen to what they had to offer. Learning community #14 also had some good information to share. They suggested multi-use jackets that could be made with sustainable materials and used for different occasions/weather. Their idea seemed very ideal and reasonable. It reeled me in!

Week 5 has been pretty busy for me, as you can tell. But, the design slam was fun and it is really a cool way of learning. I enjoy the kind of ‘hands-on’ activities rather than listening to a lecture for the whole time period. Let us see what week 6 will have in store.


Adios 🙂

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