Blog 4

I really liked this past week’s activities. I enjoyed going to the botanical gardens because I had never gone there before and it was nice to get out of  the classroom to do something different. The design slam was also interesting. I did not know what to expect with the design slam but overall it went well.

The outdoor activity was a different activity to do.  I liked activity 4, where we had to find different things within nature. It made us actually look and see what was around us and if we could not find it then we had to explore more of the botanical gardens. It was nice to be able to do this, it made us slow down and see what was around us. I think most of the time people are always on the go. I know I am and I don’t always look around and appreciate nature cause I feel like I don’t have time so it was really nice to have this activity for class. I think it also helped me have a better understanding of biomimicry and industrial ecology because we were actually outside and could think and see the processes of nature.

In the design slam, our problem was dealing with fashion waste. The problem statement was talking about how we found an old dress at a garage sale and we bought it because it reminded us of our grandma so we wanted to upcycle the dress. My learning community came up with a store that would upcycle clothes that would be donated by people and would give them the option to redesign the clothes they were donating. You could also just shop in the store or online and choose a garment to redesign. The consumer would tell us what they wanted and we would create a prototype online to show them and we would keep recreating the design until we came up with one that the consumer likes. We would then redesign the garment and make it brand new. We wanted to give people the chance to not feel like they have to sacrifice style in order to reduce their fashion waste by shopping at a secondhand store. We would also pick up the clothing donations and deliver the upcycled piece of clothing to our customers. This was a fun activity to do with my learning community. The limited amount of time we had stressed us out but we were able to work well together under the pressure. Two groups that I really liked was learning community 3-Pivot Through and learning community 4- Conserge. I liked these two best because I thought their ideas were really great and both dealt with interiors which I am not very familiar with so it was cool to hear what they could think of for interior spaces and see their point of view. I liked Pivot Through because of the materials they would use would be sustainable and I thought the sensor for auto tint according to the circadian rhythm was really cool. Also the idea of having a door that would be all glass and be able to move 90 degrees to have an open concept would be awesome! I liked Conserge cause I felt like it was similar to the Nest like they had said so I feel like it would be easier to use and I felt like the sensor to scan the room to detect heat to see if anyone was in the room/home would be an awesome way for the system to work off of. The feature to control specific outlets was really cool too.

I think having the outdoor activity first before the design slam was helpful because it helped me really think about biomimicry and how we could use it in the fashion industry. Being outside helped me think about biomimicry and industrial ecology better because I was able to see different plants and really think about their lifecycles.

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