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This week in class was more active learning and more exciting! Meeting for class outside of the classroom is always a fun change of pace – as Dr. Jayadas always encourages us to look around and take in our surroundings. My learning community found a nice shaded area next to a sprinkler going and thankfully the wind was blowing enough that we felt a cooler breeze on otherwise a very hot and humid day. I enjoyed going to the Botanical Gardens because I had never been there before. I have always wanted to stop in but with always being busy and never forcefully having a reason to go, I just haven’t – but now I would love to go and walk through it some afternoon to see the whole thing.  We were challenged to look around us and come up with solutions for products in our field that nature provides as alternatives. This related to my sustainable journey in a many ways – like preparing myself for brainstorming questions or how to incorporate sustainable practices into my job and everyday life. Sitting with nature and being surrounded by all the living organisms really inspires you dig deeper.

For our problem during the design slam, we had to consider the lifecycle of a garment we own and reflect on where it came from and where it might end up 50 years from today. We came up with a solution to create a recycle bin in the DHM area and maybe have a group or club that meets weekly to collect the items out of it to send to H&M. H&M then breaks down the clothing into 3 different categories: to re-wear, reuse or recycle. We wanted to minimize the risks of fashion going into landfills and we thought this fun and creative way for students and faculty to get involved could benefit everyone and our earth as a whole. The way the design slam and outdoor activity kind of were related was I feel that in both areas, we were given certain scenarios and told to build on them and come up with our own solutions in a short amount of time leaving us somewhat rushed and not able to fully research everything needed, but both were very good brain activities and made our learning community come together and build off each other’s thoughts.

Two different learning communities topics really sparked my attention. The first one was LC 4’s Conserge idea. They came up with a mindless/easy way to save energy in their homes. It would scan the home and find energy that is not being used, such as a lamp that’s plugged in the wall but not turned on or controlling your heat and air to a specific temp where it would save energy while you’re gone – all resulting in more money in your pockets! I really loved the idea of this because it’s so easy and that is what consumers want in a product. The second one was LC 2’s Shop Local & Engage. I really liked the idea of a pop-up shop in stores where they can sell their local merchandise. I think it would be a very effective project, especially tying in social media and to keep them involved with the process and engaged. Everything is social media based now days and if that’s what we can use to promote sustainability, we should in all ways that we can!


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I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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