Blog 4

Another week of class is done and down.. This semester is going fast and it will be over before we know it. This week to me was very fun. As a student I’ve always wondered why teachers don’t teach outside when the weather is nice. I once was in a class that attendance was not mandatory and I observed as soon as spring came the students did not. I was guilty of missing the class a few times to sit outside and admire the weather… I’ll admit. Being outside was a desire that helped inspire. So I was so excited when I found out that class was going to be at the botanical gardens. I had never been but always secretly wanted to go. I was ready for this adventure. The gardens were beautiful and the assignment really helped me tie nature into the industry. I honestly had not thought about the way we work related to nature. My group started with the production of the garment and compared it to how a tree grew. From start to finish we figured it out. We started by planting the seed for the tree and compared it to how we collect our fibers. Then, we planted the seed and watered it. Comparing this to the construction of a garment. Next, the tree began to grow as well as finishing our garment. Last, the tree dropped a new seed creating a new trees just like if we recycle our garment to make a new one. This concept was about closing the loops. I saw the importance of recycling.

This went perfectly with the design slam because our problem was about a dress that reminded us of our grandmother but had a few holes we were to find a solution for everyone. We came up with a store called “One of a kind find” I thought the name had a nice ring and was creative. The concept was to bring us or let us come pick up your fabric or old garments and we would let you design your next piece. Therefore, closing the loop in the fashion industry.

My learning community worked well together being under pressure and slightly rushed I thought we did a great job and was slightly disappointed in the grade we received and a little discouraged for not getting the bonus points…because I am a very competitive person. I have high expectations for the next design slam I hope my group can get a little more creative.

I thought groups 1 and 4 were my favorite. I really liked group 1 – Sally’s short lived shirt because the idea and concept stuck with me I remembered the story they told about the girl going on the date.. They were very creative. Group 4 – conserge I think was their name.. was also very good. Their idea was a room scanner that would save energy. My question is why has this not already been created? At home I have a room scanner that sounds an alarm if a window is broken.. why can’t it also scan for the lights I tend to always leave on? This idea was new and creative. I really enjoyed the design slam.

This weeks activities really tied together. My group and group 1 really worked on closing the loop. My group also worked on this in the garden. Like I said earlier the outdoors is a desire that inspires. I really think it helped us to come up with the idea for the design slam and I think it was a perfect time for the design slam because all the students seemed to be inspired.

Props to you Dr. Jayadas for not running your class like all the other teachers. Thank you for the inspiration this week.

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