Blog #4

Blog #4

Madeline Manning


I absolutely loved the botanical gardens it truly made me appreciate the environment we live in. I did not know they were that beautiful. It was so hot out; it made me think about if we continue this global warming pattern it will just continue to get to warmer. I liked being able to look around the environment and reflect on what we saw in nature, it really made you think about things. I would like the opportunity to adventure out into nature like that. I love working in to my learning community to hear different perspectives on each component of the assignment.


I thought the design slam was a fun to brainstorm a solution to a problem. I enjoyed hearing other group’s perspectives and creative ideas. I think that our topic was one of the more difficult ones. It can be very difficult to promote ideas like these on social media, because most people will just pay attention to drama and not a cause. It is hard to promote a topic that is intangible; when something is not directly visible some have a hard time believing. Our idea to collaborate with bloggers will be the most effective in our industry. There are so many fashionista’s that follow bloggers religiously. I think my favorite was the backpack idea, I relate to that because I purchase a new backpack quite often. I know that it is fun to get a new one every year, but think how much waste that is. If one person gets a new backpack every year for 16 years, that’s a lot of wasted backpacks. Not to mention the harm in does producing the backpack. Another idea that stood out to me was the revolving home door. I think that it was not only aesthetically pleasing but environmentally pleasing as well. This self-adjusting revolving door will allow for the house to self adjust to the weather and temperature. This will reduce cost tremendously, both through money and the environment. This assignment allowed peers to teach other, I think you learn best that way.

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