Blog 4

I enjoyed this past week of class very much because it was so interactive. I am a hands-on learner and I tend to get more out of interactive class activities rather than just sitting in a classroom. I was excited when I learned that we would be traveling to the botanical gardens for the outdoor activities. I had previously been to the botanical gardens just for entertainment and I knew that it had some interesting areas. I also knew that it was very beautiful. But going to the botanical gardens this time was a very different experience. I think that having a certain agenda allowed me to really embrace this experience. With the activities that we were assigned, I was obligated to look around and really take in my surroundings. I saw many parts of the gardens that I had not seen and learned more than I ever have there. I learned the most through the activity where we were instructed to compare the functions of a tree to the functions of a building. During this activity, I was further reassured how closely our human needs can relate to the needs of the environment that we live in. There are trees everywhere and they serve the same purpose for nature as our buildings do for us. Only, the trees to this in a much friendlier way. Not only do they not harm the ecosystem, they actually help it. I think it is very important to learn lessons from trees like this and use biomimicry to create buildings in a much more efficient way. This lesson truly helped me improve in my sustainability journey. I also really enjoyed the design slam activity. I found it inspiring how each group was able to form such creative ideas in such a short amount of time. This reminded me just how gifted and talented students can be in DHM and it made me really appreciate our program. I enjoyed forming my learning community’s idea and definitely learned from it. We created a recyclable shoe made out of plastic and integrated a nice marketing plan with it. Our whole idea was for the shoes to be created using the C2C concept and eventually only be made out of the old versions of themselves. We formed the marketing program to inspire the customers to use their old shoes to claim their new shoes. Once their pair is worn out, they are able to return that pair to be recycled and claim a new pair. My learning community worked really well together to form this idea. Our problem statement was about shoes therefore our minds first went to Adidas using recycled plastic for tennis shoes. We didn’t want to copy it completely so that is when we formed the creative marketing concept to differ ourselves from Adidas. We also had a very clever name “Vortex” because we will get the plastic from the pacific trash vortex. I also like the “Pivot Through” idea from learning community 3. I think that they did the best job of relating biomimicry theories to their idea. They were also very practical about their idea and how it will be created. It seemed that their door would be very realistic and a really interesting thing to have in a home. It was also the most aesthetically pleasing idea. Their idea was by far my favorite. I also enjoyed learning community 6’s idea, “functional furnishings”. I liked this idea because it too was also extremely creative. Furniture goes to waste every day and it is truly upsetting. It takes up so much room and uses up so many resources. I think that there is definitely a need for a business such as the one that they created in Stillwater or any college town. They had a great customer service program created too which would truly help the business. They offer to pick up and deliver which is very smart considering nobody wants to move a large piece of furniture. My favorite part about their idea is that they would be creating one of a kind furniture. Using leftover furniture parts would allow no two products to look alike that I think that is very special and intriguing. The design slam and the outdoor activities favored each other in the way that they challenged me to think way outside of the box. I had to use my head in a different way for both of these activities and think very creatively.

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