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This week was a fun week. It was cool to get to go to the garden and see the beauty of nature. I liked this week because we got to do some hands on learning rather than just sitting in the classroom doing a lecture. By going and seeing physically the things in nature it helps me think more and come up with more thoughts about sustainability and biomimcry.

For the design slam 1 my group had the problem of too much furniture waste when college students go home for the summers. We completely realized and agreed that this is a big issue for college towns. We brainstormed how we were going to come up with our solution to this problem and came up with a company that will take college student’s old furniture and turn it into a new piece to sell. We also came up with the idea that our company will take multiple used furniture pieces and turn them into 2 in 1 designs. After going through our design slam I believe that there should be a company like this in every college town because students really do send so much furniture to waste when they go home for the summer.

Another group came up with a solution for clothing waste. They had the idea that their company would pick up peoples’ used clothing and turn them into new apparel designs. I thought this was interesting because clothing waste is a big problem and people go through phases and don’t like the same style of clothing after a while. So by having this company take peoples older styled clothing and turn them into new styles is a really cool idea and I believe would help reduce clothing waste a lot.

Another group had the problem of mannequin waste. I never thought of mannequin waste as being an issue until it was addressed in the design slam. I thought it was really interesting how a group came up with an app for virtual mannequins instead of physical ones. I could see this becoming a real thing in the future because of how much technology has grown and how much more people prefer things to be technology based.

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