Blog 4

This week in class was very exciting and interactive!  We had that opportunity to go to the botanical garden for an outdoor class activity.  The activity had us split up into our learning communities and complete a worksheet of questions dealing with nature.  I really enjoyed getting to walk around the gardens and look for things in nature like something interesting, something wet, something alive.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our activity:

Also for our activity we were asked to also come up with sustainable solutions and relate them back to nature.  My group reflected on different products and supplies used in our industry and thought it would be beneficial for the industry to try and mimic how things in nature reuse what they have in their surroundings. We talked a lot about the life cycle of the plants and how they all come full circle. People in the industry can reuse materials like paper and scrap fabrics and up-cycle/down-cycle them.

This also related to the design slam we all participated in on Thursday.  This was our first time to do the design slam this semester.  We split into our learning communities again for this activity and were given a problem that is currently an issue in the world. Our learning community had the issue of mannequin waste.  As a group we talked about different ways to come up with a sustainable solution.  We only had about 20 minutes to talk about the problem, figure out a solution, and create a powerpoint to present to the class.  We all discussed how big of an impact technology is making on the retail world so we should use that as an incentive to get customers interested in coming in the store.  We thought…what if there was a way to project the mannequins as a 3D image to get rid of mannequins all together.  We wanted to incorporate the idea of “closing the loop” into our mannequin solution therefor we also came up with the idea that the company providing these tech mannequins could pick up the old plastic mannequins the store was using and either create something new out of them. Or use the material for something different.

I really enjoyed getting to present our idea to the class and also getting to listen to all of the different solutions that people came up with.  One group came up with a jacket for homeless people that was always 70 degrees.  It was made out of sustainable materials and was convertible into multiple different ways to be diverse.  Another group had an idea of using old furniture to create new furniture that was multi functional, like a desk and a bed.  I thought it was a really creative way to use the furniture people throw out and make it into something new. This activity really got the creative juices flowing in the class and involved everyone in the activity.

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