Blog 4

This past week on Tuesday I took away quite a number of things from our class outdoor activity. Considering the fact that I only had one other person in my group present that day we both had the opportunity to really engage with each activity. I really liked the segment that made my partner and I find something that looked sad or fierce. It was an out of the box question that really made us think about something new. When we found something fierce we chose a spiky bush. We thought that the way the spiky bush was protruding out in multiple directions made it a bit off-putting almost as if it was actually too fierce and made us want to back away from it.

Along with the rest of the outdoor activity, I found that I surprised myself a little bit when the activity asked to identify something living on something non-living. I immediately thought of ivy that I knew tends to grow on fences, houses, and other such structures. Luckily enough, there was ivy growing on the large cage the chickens were being kept in. Looking back on my thought process the entire time I was out there with my partner I have to admit it was kind of hard. As far as innovation is concerned, I am not the best at thinking up ideas no matter how crazy they are allowed to be. I could tell my partner sort of struggled, too. I think the activity I really did my best brainstorming was activity one. At first, I sort of stood there staring up at a tree for a while but then I was able to see the similarities a tree and a jacket had, such as how they both were a form of shelter. My partner thought it was clever when I told her that a tree and a jacket could warm someone. When she asked how the tree could warm someone, I told her that she could get the branches of a tree to make a fire and that would keep her warm. All in all, we did end up completing the activity and thinking up good ideas but it was a struggle. It did not help that we were short two people that day.

During the Design Slam on Thursday I felt that my entire group all did their part in participating and contributing any input they had. In the end, I was impressed by how much work we came up with in such little time. Out of all the groups in the Design Slam I really liked the group that spoke about the smart house. I thought it was really clever when they said that the house would be able to keep a lookout on anything in the house that was running high on energy and would also give the homeowners monthly reports on their energy consumption. I thought the idea was worth investing in if I was a homeowner. I could see people really saving money in the long run on this. One other group that caught my eye was the digital mannequin. The idea sounded nice when I saw in the customer’s point of view but I could also find it a bit challenging in the point of view of the visual merchandising manager. Designing a set around a digital mannequin could be problematic and raise some obstacles in incorporating them into a display window.

The outdoor activity and the Design Slam both ended up tying into one another because they both required brainstorming in a team oriented setting about living more sustainably. I think both activities play as good practices to when we’re out working in “the real world.” In order to achieve great things you have to stay clever and aspire to be more innovative in the way we think. If we get used to thinking out of the box than we will go far.

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