Blog 4

The outdoor activity at the botanical gardens was a really good hands-on experience by getting to physically be outside and adapting to how we can use the ideas from nature and apply them to our fields to increase the use of sustainability. I think that my biggest takeaway from this activity was mostly just a reminder of how beautiful and important nature is to our atmosphere and everyday lives. Nature and the processes it goes through can easily be taken for granted in our society that is captured by the media and technology and it makes me sad that children today play outside less and instead sit inside watching TV or playing video games. If children don’t learn the importance of nature when they are young then they won’t have an appreciation or concern of its well-being. This won’t help our atmosphere if people don’t feel the need or want to take care of it and keep beautiful trees, oceans, and air clean and healthy. This realization has made me want to stand up and improve my sustainable journey because I do love nature and I want it to stick around and not be destroyed by peoples unsustainable acts.

As learning community one, our problem for the design slam was that clothing usually ends up in the trash at the end of its life which finds its way to a landfill polluting our air and land. Our solution to this problem was to create a DHM clothing bin where people could throw away their unwearable or unwanted clothing instead of throwing it in the trash. Once this bin if filled we would take it to companies like H&M where they take these scraps, breaks them down, and design something new. This system creates a closed loop process reducing the amount of waste in the landfills. I think our learning community did a good job of brainstorming ideas and developing a sustainable solution to our issue. We tried to be creative and come up with a realistic story of how people end up throwing away a piece of clothing.

A design slam that stuck out to me was conserge. Conserge is an at home built in energy saver. It will detect if there is someone in the room and if the lights are on or a computer/TV is on then conserge will turn off the lights or turn off the computer/TV. This system helps save energy and money. There is a product that exists in real life called nest. The difference between nest and conserge is that nest is a product that needs someone to control it but conserge controls itself so that reduces the amount of time and effort having to control your in home system.

Another design slam that stuck out to me is functional furnishings. Students throw out usable furniture instead of donating it. It takes unwanted functional furniture and break it down to create something new and cheaper. They also have a system where they will come pick up your furniture for you so there is no hassle. I know I personally have thrown out furniture before so I would’ve loved to have a company like this to donate my unwanted furniture.

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