Blog 4

I was very excited when I heard that we were making a trip to the botanical gardens.  I had never made it to the botanical gardens but had gotten many recommendations to go. I am glad that I was able to attend with a class because it was hard to make time to go on my own with my busy schedule. I enjoyed this activity and it made me think about sustainability in a different way. I enjoyed doing the first activity because I saw the similarities in human needs and needs in the environment. When our learning community was comparing trees and buildings we saw that they perform the same functions but the tree is way more sustainable. We reflected on the lecture where we learned about the buildings that are modeled after the ecosystem of a tree. After this activity, I began to think about how buildings could be way more sustainable like the trees in our ecosystem. I then thought about how the merchandising industry can use the things that was learned during this activity to build more sustainable retail stores. I also enjoyed activity 4 during the garden trip because it made me think in in different ways. Our learning community found the area of cacti very interesting because they need little care. We thought about how little water they need and how much water the fashion industry uses. This whole activity made us think about all the other ways that we could conserve the things we use and avoid producing so much waste. Especially activity 5 because we thought about how products could be made to last longer like trees. Trees have very long life spans where as most products in the fashion industry do not. If products were made to last longer then the industry would produce less waste. This activity made me think of everything that I waste and ways to reduce the amount of waste that I have.

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