Blog 4

This week was interesting I seeing the creativity of others and ways we can be innovative in being sustainable. The outdoor activity was eye opening and we were able to brainstorm ways in which we can relate things to nature. I think being outdoors and forcing yourself to analyze the nature around you and relate that to sustainability was interesting. I think the most important thing I learned was that we can emulate nature in our designs because nature is completely useful of everything.

Relating this activity to the design slam was easy to do for my group. Our design concept was a sustainable storefront. Our problem statement was a community was tired of the boring storefronts in their town and valued sustainability. We decided that our store would have Raven glass windows, which saves energy, reused glass for aesthetics instead of other tile, a rain catch system that waters a garden in front of the store, and an awning made of sustainable fabric. The community will be able to garden is they want as well to include the people in the store. This related to the outdoor activity because the store is using something that would have normally been wasted or not useful to them for another end use, like water the plants.

Some other groups stood out to me as well. Group 2 had a good idea in having a pop up shop in another store in which people could come and bring their old clothes and they could make something new out of it. Their group had a good idea to incorporate the community by having a social media contest to name their store. This will bring people to their store. I like the idea in which people could design their new garment and add stitching or something different to make them feel as though they have a new piece. Another group, Group 7, had an idea called Virtual U. This idea was very unique to me and was something I could see happening in the future. Their idea was a software in which store would buy to replace their mannequins. The software would allow people to walk buy a store and the hologram in the window would turn into their body and would out the clothes on their body. It would be an app in which people could add clothes into their shopping bag and then those clothes would be on them in the hologram. This would reduce the waste of mannequins in landfills. This idea I think could make the fashion industry so much more sustainable.

Overall this week, I was pushed to think out of the box about sustainability.

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