Blog 4

I really enjoyed going to the Botanical garden this last Tuesday. It was my first time going there. I have wanted to go for a long time but I haven’t been able to because of all of the things I am involved in plus school. I really enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful place to go to relax, draw, or just be one with nature. I felt immediately calmed when I walked into the garden. The garden to me made me forget about everything else in the world. I just focused on the nature and its beauty. I focused on how everything in nature has its own place and responsibility. For example if we didn’t have trees then the human race would not be alive because we would not be able to breathe. Trees also provide shade and homes for animals. Just like the trees in the garden have a responsibility we to have a responsibility. Our responsibility is to take care of our home. We have to care about nature and everything in nature. This relates to my sustainable journey. When I thought about how textiles are put into landfills and they just stay there for years. It bothered me to think about how the clothes hurt our plant because they don’t break down fast enough or at all. It made me sad to think that our beautiful green earth might not be so beautiful one day because of what we humans do to it. Our design slam kind of ties in with what I just talked about. Our design slam was on how to stop us from wasting so many shoes. We came up with Vortex. We decided to use the waist from the Great Pacific Vortex, which is full of trash in a certain part of the Pacific Ocean, to make tennis shoes out of. We would then sell them and our customers would wear them until they wear out and then they could bring them back to be able to get another pare. It didn’t take us to long to figure out what we wanted to do. We started to look at other companies like Adidas that made shoes out of material from the waist that was put in the Pacific Ocean. We then were able to decide that we wanted to make a shoe out of the same material. We knew that a lot of people wore their tennis shoes for a year and didn’t buy a new pair until they had worn them out. We decided that if the customer wore them for a year and then brought the old pair back after a year they would be able to get a new pair and would get a discount for bringing them back. This way we were able to encourage consumers to not buy a new pair of shoes every month and end up throwing them away. I believe that this relates back to what I said up above about how we have a responsibility to take care of our plant. A responsibility that we have is to keep our earth clean and this includes our ocean. Finding a new way to use waist material that has been thrown in the ocean for something good is a good way to keep it clean. I really enjoyed hearing about the group that talked about recycled backpacks. It was cool to hear how their backpack would last for 3 years and how students and their parents wouldn’t have to worry about finding a backpack for that amount of time. The next idea I really like was the 75-degree jacket idea. I thought it was amazing how the jacket had a warm, lightweight and kind of a blanket effect to it. This jacket would really keep a lot of the homeless warm during the winter or would make a great blanket for them at night.

By: Hayley Taylor

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