Blog 4

Blog 4-DHM 4573

Week 5

We talked about all the ways of how nature works and how there is never ending life of each thing produced. The energy that nature makes naturally can be used to save lots of money and provide us with electricity and other useful things. Looking to nature to come with ideas and how to be more sustainable is an awesome way to generate ideas.


Outdoor activity

We could look to nature to use available plants for dyes in clothing lines and textiles. This wouldn’t be as hard on the environment as harsh chemical dyes. There were certain areas that had washed away from the water flowing from the rainfall, this causes erosion of the soil and rock. There were a lot of trees that had down limbs that looked like they hadn’t been cleaned up from previous ice storms. This takes the nutrients away from the growing tree, because it is still providing nutrients for all the dead parts too. The trees need to be trimmed and cleaned up to help with nutrients for new growth. There was a certain grass that grew better under the shade of the trees, it doesn’t strive in direct sunlight. The dead leaves under the tree were starting to break down back into to the soil. The wind was blowing a lot the day we went to the botanical garden, the wind energy could be used to run things on the grounds to save money. Using the wind power energy to supply electric and other necessities on the grounds is very sustainable.

Design slam

Our problem was making a backpack that would be sustainable and also hold up longer to wear and tear. We talked about making a backpack from a more durable material that would last through more than one school year. We also talked about making a backpack from recycled material from old backpacks so our landfills wouldn’t fill up as quickly. Our professor had a good point of how we would keep customers coming back since we had such a long lasting durable bag. Our answer was to come up with other gear like, lunchboxes, camping gear, and pencil bags. One of the other group’s ideas that caught my attention was LC #7 “The Virtual Mannequin”.  This is a great idea, very sustainable and it would save money over time. This is a virtual mannequin that scan your body and the clothes you like so you can see it visually.  The other one was LC#5 “A Sustainable storefront”. This appeals to older individuals, having a raven window that adjusts to the sun with a self-adjusting tint. They have a rainwater catch system, with raised gardens that utilize that. They offer a mosaic with recycled glass and a long lasting sunbrella awning. The design slam ties to outdoor by offering more sustainable material and using old bags this way it’s not as hard on our environment.

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