Blog 4

I was not able to attend the trip to the Botanical Gardens.

For my group’s design slam, we came up with an idea to have a section in a brick and mortar store dedicated to local shops in the area to bring attention to the community that shopping locally is very important. We realize that a lot of local shops go unnoticed, so if a larger, more established store hosted a permanent section for local shops, it would benefit both businesses. Two other groups that stood out to me were The 75 degrees jacket and Conserge. The 75 degrees jacket stood out to me because there are so many homeless people in America who suffer from exposure to harsh weather conditions. This jacket could offer protect from the elements for those who cannot make it to a shelter. Conserge is a really cool idea because it is smart technology that turns off electricity and other energy consuming things for you if you forget or are too busy to run home and turn it off yourself. This week really pushed me to think of different ways to incorporate sustainability into simple solutions.

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