Blog 4

Week 5

Design is such an essential part of sustainability and this week we really focused on that. We looked for inspirations that would help design solutions to various problems/challenges we face today. We also better understood how sustainability can be based of nature and how nature functions.  In our learning communities we once again formulated ideas/solutions to certain challenges we may face in our career field or industry.

Outdoor Activity

Visiting the botanical gardens is such a fun way to get inspired. Nature is the blueprint of so many sustainable designs and this can be an example of how many designers, engineers, and scientist create the things they do that better help our environment. This contributes to my sustainable journey because I can look at what I see in the gardens, or nature in general, and generate ideas that would become a design or even a system of how I do things, that would be sustainable. It also shows the beauty and importance of what we need to be taking more care of on Earth. Which can push me to be more sustainable, use more environmentally-friendly products, and find even more ways to decrease the amount of damage I could be doing to the environment, whether it be small or large-scale.

Design Slam 1

My learning community had to come together and discuss how we could use one of the worlds largest form of communication, social media, to call attention to textile waste,  which is the second larges pollutant in the world. At the same time we needed to inspire and push a specific group (younger generation’s in the fashion industry) on how they can  be a huge part in solving this extreme problem. So we decided to use fashion bloggers to speak to their followers about this problem. They would then explain our contest “7 Days of Sustainability” in which we’ve asked young designers to, in 7 days, display their sustainable practices and design sustainable clothing. Our finalists will then have the opportunity to have their work displayed in a fashion show during NYC fashion week hosted by our bloggers through our organization. This is a fun and educational experience which will be held annually. While at the same time inspiring everyone, and the industry itself, to be more sustainable.

  • The two groups that stood out to me were Consurge and A Sustainable Storefront. Consurge seems like a technology that could prove to be highly useful for commercial business buildings and homes. If the technology was actually implemented it could be an ideal way to conserve energy, prove environmentally-friendly, and overall highly effecient. The Sustainable Storefront was also something I felt would be key to have I for fashion/merchandise based businesses. If a storefront can be sustainable this could mean that the products, manufacturing practices, and the way a store does their business is sustainable and more environmentally-friendly. Bettering our planet and possibly our economy as well.
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