Blog 4

I was unfortunately unable to attend the out of class activity at the botanical garden.

For my groups design slam, our problem was creating a solution and giving advice as a merchandiser on how to change the environmental impact the fashion industry has on the environment. We came up with the idea to have a section in a store be completely dedicated to local business within the community. Not only would this encourage people to support local business and help the economy within just their community it would also reduce the amount the town imports from foreign stores as well as out of state stores. This in turn would reduce the amount of extra packing for shipments and other excess that goes into shipping. We also decided to give classes at the store that would teach people how to up cycle their clothing instead of throwing garments out and purchasing new things. This would reduce the amount of clothing that piles up at dumping sites and would allow the person to get more out of the garment that they spent the money on.

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