Blog 4

This week we really got thinking about how nature and sustainability go hand in hand by taking class outside and visiting the Botanic gardens. I found this exciting to be able to get out of the class room and go outside instead of just looking at pictures of nature in the room. When first thinking about what a tree and a building have in common I could come up with much, but by actually being able to have a visual in front of me it helped me to realize that they do have things in common with each other.
The problem that we were given for the design slam was to come up with a backpack that would be sustainable and also be long lasting. We thought that the best solution would be to upcycle and use recycled items to make these bags and also create a way that would make them durable and hold up under many different conditions. The name that we gave this idea was “Everlasting Bags”. My group felt that this would be useful for anyone who uses a bag every day, especially for people who travel or kids/adults who carry around a backpack.
The two other ideas that other groups created for the design slam that stood out to me were, Sally’s Short Lived Shirt and A Sustainable Store Front. For the beginning of Sally’s short lived shirt there was a short scenario that was created about how quickly one person will go through a piece of clothing. Most times it doesn’t take long for people to get tired of what they have so they tend to throw it out. What this group suggested for people to do was to bring their old clothes to the DHM department when they have their clothing drives. This caught my attention because I feel that this is something that is forgotten most times but is a great on campus resource. The Sustainable Store front idea stood out to me because in a lot of my classes right now we have been talking about older people and what they prefer when they go to shop. They had many specific designs that not only would fit what that generation would enjoy the most but were also aesthetically pleasing to everyone I feel.
Together with the trip outdoors to the Botanic Gardens and the Design Slam I think that we all got thinking outside of the box more than what we have been. I like to be able to hear the other ideas that groups have because it also helps me to think in different ways that I may have not even thought about in the beginning.

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