Blog 4

This was a very fun week of class. Tuesday we spent our class time exploring nature at the botanical garden and Thursday we did the first design slam. Although it was very hot outside, the outdoor activity was a nice change of scenery from the stuffy classroom setting. I loved exploring the gardens and seeing all the different structures, plants, and especially the butterflies (as pictured). We spent our class time absorbing the nature around us and reflecting on how it related to our field. We compared jackets to trees and found that they both provide us with protection, shelter or covering, and décor. We looked around us and brainstormed ways we could utilize nature in design just like we discussed when we learned about biomimicry in class. By getting in touch with nature, I feel like we can now better understand the ideas of biomimicry and industrial ecology and just how important it is that we utilize these ideas in our industry in order to become more sustainable. This week definitely opened my eyes to just how terrible our industry and humanity and general can be to the beautiful earth that surrounds us. For the design slam on Thursday, my group had the problem of a roommate who kept throwing away her old clothes to buy new ones. This was an interesting problem to be assigned, since I actually am experiencing the same problem at home with a roommate who is constantly tossing out old clothes and shoes. Our solution was Toss2Treasure, a concept in which we provided our roommate with sustainable options to replace her bad habit. We suggested that she either exchange her old clothes at a consignment store for store credit or cash for new clothes, sells her old clothes to get money for new clothes, or makes new clothes out of her old clothes. We figured that by choosing any of these options it would help eliminate clothing waste in landfills. I loved hearing other group’s ideas as well. I really enjoyed hearing learning community five’s concept for a sustainable storefront with raven windows that have a film in between the glass that automatically tints the windows to save energy and recycled local glass mosaic. I was also interested in learning community seven’s idea to have virtual mannequins that show your body in the store’s clothes. Both the outdoor activity and the design slam made me stop and think twice about my sustainability journey. I really need to focus more on my surroundings and try harder to eliminate waste like we discussed in the concept of industrial ecology.


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