Blog 4

One of the most prominent discussions we had during week five, was the idea of nature working and being a large part of every single thing that happens in life. Life is produced from life. What better​I thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor activity! I loved being outside of the classroom for the day, and exploring the gardens with my learning community. It was a time that was really great for us to talk and get to know each other and learning to trust each other more. During the blindfolding activity I was TERRIFIED that Sam was going to lead me into the cactus… he did, but thankfully it was a “non prickly” cactus. Nevertheless, I was screaming and telling him I was going to hate him forever if he hurt me.  

​Being out there and talking through each of the questions, but specifically the final question thwarted me into thinking more and more about sustainability and how I can personally be more sustainable. The sustainable building was something that was really cool, I have thought about how to make my home in the future more sustainable since then.

​The design slam was really fun for my group! We really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and find a solution to problems within the retail world. I really liked out solution, I thought it was a really interesting solution to the problem of consumers not purchasing goods within stores. Yes, the logistics of it were a little rocky, but we only had twenty minutes to discuss it and we thought the presentation of it was really good. We honestly didn’t have many other ideas that I remember, solely because the four of us were so excited with this idea that I just forgot about the others we had come up with that we just rolled with it.

​The design slam really was interesting to listen and hear all the different ideas that the class came up with. My favorite was learning community 3’s idea of the revolving door. I can see that being a real change to the way humans live and the way we build our houses in the future. And its a nice change in aesthetic from the normal doors we have.   

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