Blog 4

Sustainability Week 5:

I was excited to finally make a trip out to the botanical gardens. It was inspiring to see how beautiful and well kept it was. While sitting in the garden on a bench, my learning group and I enjoyed the natural beauty and embraced how hot it was too! We went through our assignment and realized we had to really relate and understand nature at that moment to complete the questions. This is also how most articles about biomimicry we have discussed say we need to begin the sustainability process, so it was cool to experience that first hand.

The problem our learning community was given was about the process of disposed clothing ending up in a landfill. We created a story about a consumer who purchased a blouse from Forever21 and only wore it once, then threw it in the garbage, where it sat in a landfill. We thought of the idea that DHM should implement a disposal where students can bring their unwanted clothing. DHM would then send the clothing to H&M to join their recycling program. This would reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills. I also enjoyed learning about LC 6, Functional furnishings. Something I took away was that furniture is the least recycled product, especially in college towns… I also liked LC 7, the holographic mannequin. This would reduce the plastic waste after mannequins are disposed in the merchandising industry. During my internship this past summer there was a lot of discussion about the future of holographic modeling in the industry. Therefore, I found their idea useful and realistic!

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