Blog 4- Baker

This has been a very inspiring past week as we were allowed the opportunity to go to the botanical gardens and work with our team on our first design slam. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon at the botanical gardens as I had never been before. It was refreshing to spend time in the beauty of nature, and I took away that experiencing nature first hand is the best way to gain any inspiration from it. As my sustainability journey continues, I’m motivated now to spend more of my time outside and in tune with nature. Our design slam was an interesting experience as we were faced with a problem we never considered before. Our goal was to come up with an idea that would replace the use of the mannequins in window displays. Mannequins are taking up lots of space and don’t decompose in landfills, therefore we brainstormed ideas to get rid of the use of mannequins all together. We enjoyed working together and bouncing ideas off of each other, but the twenty minutes we had made our brainstorming cut short. Our solution was a software that would display holographic mannequins with real-life garment pieces being shown on them. This software would be interactive as shoppers could have an app that would adjust the mannequin to look like them, and show outfits that they had interest in. This software, “Virtual U” is a sustainable and exciting program that could change retail windows forever.  Two other groups that stood out to me were the sustainable shoes that had a complete Cradle to Cradle concept, and the 75 degree coat for homeless people to wear.

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