Blog 4: Different Directions

I have always over heard people talk about the botanical gardens and how beautiful and peaceful it is to go out there but I had never been until week 5 of this sustainability course. To be honest I am not an out door person but the outdoor activity was fun and insightful. I really liked the activity where we blind folded each other and picked out a certain tree and had to use are senses to guide us back to that certain tree. What I took away from this activity is that we have been stirred in different directions in life but as humans we need to come to together and use our natural born senses to be more connected to nature and our environment. This also contributed to my journey to being more sustainable because I actually took time out of my day to really look at the nature around me. I have never just sat outside and took into thought how beautiful nature and our world is. I hope to spend more time outdoors throughout my journey and use that time to meditate.

At first I thought it would be hard to come up with a design in only 20 minutes but I was wrong. When my learning community and I started brainstorming it was like we couldn’t stop coming up with ideas. We came up with a design that supported the “shopping locally” life principal while also reducing the amount of plastic waste. Our design was a shopping bag made out of recycled clothing called “Not your average baggage” this bag would be given out to shoppers who spent 50 dollar or more and If they continuously brought back that bag to shop with they would get 15-20% off. We also made this a local deal where companies in the surrounded areas could also participate and pass out these bags to promote shopping locally while also campaigning to reduce the amount of plastic waste. This also brought me back to thinking about the outdoor activity because with the help of my learning community members we all directed each other to find the right to direction to come up with the right design.

The virtual u design slam stood out to me because I never would have thought about mannequin waste. I also liked the fact that they were thinking futuristically. I feel that companies are already trying to create new virtual ways to shop and try on clothes.

I also liked the everlasting bag design because it was somewhat similar to what my learning community had in mind. I like that they wanted to make a durable, biodegradable bag that was in a good price range while also being in good quality. This design slam showed me that there isn’t just one direction/idea to go into in order to make our world or each other more sustainable.

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