blog four: Nature is Neat.

What a fun week week five was! I loved getting to adventure through the botanical gardens (even though it was pretty warm out), and I really enjoyed the Design Slam activity and hearing all the other Learning Communities design ideas.

Visiting the botanical gardens was such a breath of fresh air, literally, from being in a stuffy classroom. It was really interesting the ideas, concepts and solutions that my partner and I came up with. In class, sometimes it’s hard to think of biomimicry solutions, but when you’re out IN nature it seems to be a little bit easier. I found myself looking around at all the different plants and animals to gain insight and inspiration for the solutions to problems in the apparel industry. For example, in the last question we were asked to compare a tree and it’s system to industrial ecology. We decided that like a tree, a store can also have many branches. While a store may start out with just a trunk, or base, concept (such as a shoe store), as it grows it may sprout other “branches” like an apparel or jewelry department. We also realized that while branches may die, as long as the trunk is strong and healthy the tree will still thrive. Much like if the store’s primary money maker is stable, it doesn’t much matter if the experimental departments don’t succeed. Overall, I found the outdoor activity very beneficial to furthering my understanding of biomimicry and sustainability.

I also really liked the Design Slam ideas that used nature to inspire their solutions. My favorite, specifically, was Pivot Through (I’m not sure on the Learning Community number). I loved how they took the concept of the rising and setting sun and our circadian sleep rhythms to come up with a pivoting glass door that opens and closes according to temperature and time of day. Honestly, blew my mind. How did I not think of that…of course I say that a lot about genius ideas.

Excited for what’s to come. Until next week.

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