Botanical Trip

Before this trip, I had never gone to the Botanic Gardens, but I had heard form several people that this was a super beautiful, and that they highly recommended that I go. So it was very convenient that you were requiring us to go for class.

Going through the assignment at first glance, I thought that it could have been done in class, however, as I was doing it, I realized the purpose of it. It was to look throughout the garden, and throughout the nature and to look for things that you wouldn’t normally see at first glance. Having to look for these specific things for a grade is one thing, but while looking for them, I was able to see other new and unique things. For example, I never would have known from first glance that there were chickens there. In my mind, chickens belong on a farm, not in a garden, but they fit right in. There were many things that I didn’t think would be there, but they fit in so seamlessly. Maybe it was because a bunch of other nature surrounded it and they all complimented each other. With each of them being so different and unique they all came together to form this big natural, living art piece. I think this will help me through my sustainability journey in my college career and into my professional career, by taking these living artworks and incorporating them into my designs and showcasing the nature.

As for my first experience with a Design Slam, I found this process very stressful. The 15 minutes given seemed to fly by. However, I thought that it was a cool way of making us figure out a solution. If we didn’t come up with a solution, then we would have looked super silly, so you had to, despite of the time constraint. In the beginning we really didn’t know where to begin, however, once we started going, it was a snowball effect. The two groups that I found were the most interesting was LC 1 because I felt like theirs is the most realistic. Putting a clothing recycling bin down stairs, and holding a swap once or twice a semester would be super cool. Mainly because I would know that my clothes are going to people who are going to put them to use, and that if someone didn’t necessarily want them for themselves, they could be give to the Apparel Design students and they could use them in their classes and for demonstrations. As for the other Learning Community, I thought that LC 3 had an interesting idea with the Pivot door. It would be a really cool idea to have a door that would know when would be an optimal time to open so it could let nature in and let fresh air in. I don’t know if it would be optimal at all times of the year, however, if it had sensors to know when it wouldn’t effect your heating and cooling costs.




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