Nature’s Solutions

Unfortunately due to my injury, I was unable to go to the botanical garden during class. Instead, I was able to look out my window, and sit outside, and observe nature in my own way. While many would think this put me at a disadvantage, I feel like being able to observe nature in a peaceful and serene state was my advantage.

One of the lessons that stood out the most to me was the idea of a tree acting as a system. Each part serves a function for the benefit of the tree as a whole, and without those parts serving their functions the system can not survive. The roots draw water from nutrition, as well as provide a stable structure for the tree to depend on. The leaves photosynthetize the sun and provide nutrition. The bark protects the tree from the elements. This is also true for the relationship between our industrial and consumerist society, and the environment. Each elements provides functions to the whole, and without each other they are doomed to suffer and eventually die. There has to be harmony between the two for our world to not only coexist, but thrive together. Either we thrive together or we suffer at the hands of one another.

When it came to our Design Slam experience, my learning community tied for second place with our idea to replace mannequins with holographic images. This is sustainable because it eliminates the need for mannequins, therefore eliminating the waste of said mannequins in landfills. It also creates a one time payment and installation for companies with very little up keep. It also allows a company to market directly to the consumer by taking their image and portraying them in the company’s clothing via the holographic model.

A couple of the other Design Slam ideas that stood out to me were the shop local idea and the sustainable jacket. I thought that the shop local was very well excecuted and well thought out. I liked that they planned ways to market their idea not only to local boutiques but also to the community with grand opening festivies. The sustainable jacket is such a realistic need with an equally realistic solution. I just really enjoyed how the group thought of every possible need and solved it with things like the heat and cooling regulation as well as the pouch for storage of the outer layer when it is not needed. Over all, I think the whole class drew inspiration from sustainability practices as well as our experiences with nature’s own solutions.

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