The Sustainability Adventure Heats up with Blog 4.

I suppose you could say that I took away from out outdoor activity that we depend on trees and nature more so than we depend on buildings. Of course, we use both for shelter from climate and natural disasters but trees actually do more. Trees: are able to clean the air, produce food, is a source for habitats, and increases soil improvement which has a chain of beneficial effects. Buildings at most: provide temperature control, fire resistance, and sound insulation. It is agreeable that both, trees and buildings, are marching towards sustaining life.

I have always loved hiking and being around nature. I actually have some woods behind my parents’ house that I loved exploring. I used to pretend I was this great adventurer and I would stop to watch different bugs and pick them up and talk to them. I would help them if they looked like they were headed to another part of the tree or dirt. I guess I never really grew out of that. Just today, I actually pulled a cricket off a woman’s shoulder who was at the library, where I work. She freaked out but I just looked at the cricket and tried to gently set it down. I told the lady that in some parts of the world that is actually considered good luck.

Having the opportunity to have class outdoors felt like second nature to me. No pun intended. When I reflect on my sustainable journey I consider how precious and important nature and all of its small living things that are imperative to me. I say imperative to me, not just imperative in general to the well-being of life itself, because I want to protect what is important to me. I think that this was the perfect eye opener to see why sustainability is significant to me. It actually makes me think about my parents growing old and what they mean to me and how I would do anything in the world to make sure they stay alive for as long as possible. When someone or something is of great importance to you, you take care of it; you don’t need to even think about it first, you just DO. I hope I just DO take care of all living things without thought.

In our Design Slam 1, we were introduced to the problem about a space that minimizes the use of doors. We chose a door that pivots. I know what you’re thinking, “That is still a door though”. However, think of it this way, the door is actually a glass wall inside a structural insulated panel and gives you the option to be open constantly or not. The glass actually self-tints to your circadian rhythm. The double glazing is also known as insulated glazing. This is the use of two panes of glass and it reduces not only noise but also heat transference across the building. The “door” also includes a sensor that adjust the air conditioning based on the heat stored inside the glass. The “door” is programmable to adjust how much it opens or closes according to the climate to heat and cool the building. There are no VOCs; it will not emit toxic fumes in case of a fire and is made entirely from materials that can be upcycled or downcycled. We used the “Be Resource Efficient” Life Principle from the previous weeks reading to help us design the door to be multifunctional and use low energy processes.

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