Walking in Natures Footsteps

This week we went to the botanical gardens.  While this was not my first visit, it was still an enjoyable one.  Visiting the garden gave me a new perspective on the comparison between trees and buildings, one that I had never considered before.  Considering that nature provides our basic human needs in life we need it in order to sustain life.  Being outside during class was nice for a change and gave me a new perspective on some of the things we had been discussing in class.  I feel as though this trip drove home some of the ideas that we need to be more like nature and live a more sustainable lifestyle.  A tree is able to self-cycle in a no waste format and if we as humans can work towards becoming that then we will create a better future.

During the design slam, we were given the problem on the lack of education/technology for energy consumption.  We created a product that was able to not only provide basic knowledge for every day consumers to consider when it comes to saving energy, but also a product that was mindless when it came to use.  We brainstormed that we wanted to be able to create an environment for the consumer to live in that was almost futuristic, because it used artificial intelligence when in use.  This to me related back to our trip to the botanical garden because we were able to see how a tree can sustain itself with little negative effect to the environment it surrounds, and we wanted our product to mimic that idea.

Outside of our idea I also enjoyed listening to the invention of the 75-degree coat.  This stood out to me because I felt as though this product could provide so much for so many, as long as it was affordable.  It would be even better to me if they were somehow able to partner with a homeless shelter and for every jacket sold one was given to someone in need.  Another group that I found interesting was the pivot door.  This would be a really neat and unique feature in a home giving it an ultra-modern feel.  I like to idea of being able to merge together nature and the built-environment with the simplicity of a door like that.

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