Blog #5

This week I was only able to make it to one of the classes so I missed out on the lecture that we had on Thursday. I did get to participate in the out of class trip that we went on during our first class on Tuesday.

Before last Tuesday, when we took a trip to the recycling center, I had never realized how much work goes into going through all of the things that we recycle. I have always known that recycling is a good thing to do but I had never seen where all of that recycling goes after we dispose of it. It helped me appreciate the people that have to work day after day sorting through everyone’s recycling and doing something that most would not want to do themselves. They are not only helping us with going through all of our recycling and putting it all in a place that it can be disposed of in a good way but they are also helping the earth for the better. Recycling what we can of our waste is a good thing but it also takes hard work to go through it all and sort it all out to get it disposed of properly.

Recycling not only helps the environment now but it will also help it in the future. I think that if more people knew how much of a process recycling is they could help more by making sure that they recycle the right things and also don’t put trash in with the recycling. Recycling is something that I do in my own house and now after visiting the people who have to go through it all after it gets taken away it helps me be more mindful in what I put in the recycling and to make sure that it is cleaned out completely.

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