Blog 5

Week 5 came and went very quickly. Tuesday’s adventure down to the recycling center was more interesting than I thought it would be. After a day filled with pouring rain I wasn’t looking forward to being outside or venturing anywhere. However, I am glad we were able to go. The facility was a lot different than I had imagined it to be. I had originally pictured a large building that was nicer and not as open. The large space made more sense as we began discussing how operations were handled. I also didn’t realize how labor intensive it was to make the facility run efficiently. It was eye opening to see the amount of stuff that was in there and to hear the various stories the employees shared. The cardboard was overwhelming. I don’t think I ever thought about how much cardboard is used daily but seeing it in person was incredibly mind boggling. I was glad to hear that all of the cardboard gets completely recycled in order to make more boxes. What was interesting about this visit is that I was able to utilize the information this past weekend. While I was driving in Stillwater, I saw a flatbed semi-truck carrying multiple skids of the carboard bales we saw at the facility. It was nice to be able to understand where it was coming from and where it was going, cause if we hadn’t have gone to the recycling center, I would’ve never thought twice about seeing that truck.

Thursday’s class was a little more-slow paced than Tuesday’s. We started off the lecture by learning about edible cutlery. I had briefly seen this product at some point this past year but I really enjoyed learning about it a bit more. Personally, one of my least favorite things to do, is the dishes. So, seeing a way where utensils can be used like that is awesome. It’s not only functional as food and utensils, but it is also eco-friendly.

I found the TED talk to be extremely interesting. As an interior design student, their use of architecture was absolutely amazing and inspiring. I was very intrigued by everything she was explaining. I’ve heard of various uses for bamboo but never to that extent. The fact that they were able to grow the plant so quickly and large was in and of itself, extraordinary. She explained that the tensile strength of bamboo was as strong as steel. That is not something I would have ever guessed. When you compare bamboo and steel you would think that steel out does bamboo any day. Also, learning that their design with bamboo is earthquake resistant is amazing. Although Oklahoma has yet to endure earthquakes of enormous magnitudes, I think this specific type of architecture would be ideal to have in areas that frequent earthquakes and have the probability of enduring strong ones.

The readings of biophilic design was interesting! We’ve learned about this multiple times throughout the years and are currently working on a project that incorporates biophilia. With this reading came the reading about the 14 patterns of biophilic design. Personally, I love the pattern that uses the presence of water. I think that water is aesthetically pleasing and extremely relaxing. I used water as an inspiration for a design I did during my sophomore year in the program. As an interior designer I think that knowing these 14 patterns will be very beneficial for future projects in both commercial and residential settings.

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