Blog 5

This week I learned a lot about the effort that goes into sustainability.  By starting this week by going to the recycling center, I was able to visually see the amount of work that goes into recycling on Oklahoma State’s campus alone and can not imagine how much more goes into entire cities. The recycling building was built in 2013 and it is pretty amazing the amount of growth this building has had since they first began.  I have a new found respect for people who work on a daily basis trying to make our world, a cleaner and more sustainable environment.  Further more, I learned a lot from Ms. Hershey from the sustainability office and the presentation she gave before going to the recycling center.  The most interesting aspect of her presentation was when she taught us about LEED and how many small details go into being LEED certified.  Before this presentation, I was not aware of how hard Oklahoma State works towards being a sustainable campus.

On Thursday we were able to watch a few ted talk videos and the one I found most interesting was the video on up cycling.  I loved the idea of making more objects out of bamboo due to its durability and sustainability.  It made me question why we do not make more out of bamboo and other natural resources because it would take less effort and be more sustainable than some of our materials today.

Overall I learned a lot this week about the importance of recycling and the work that goes into sustainability behind the scenes.  I will implement these skills into my everyday life to ensure that I am doing my part at living a more sustainable lifestyle.

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