blog 5 week 6

This week was interesting in class. My entire group was traveling so I did class by myself this week and it was something new. I will say I am excited for my group to get back it makes discussion easier.

In class we went over biophilic design. I really did not know much about this topic until we learned about the 14 patterns we watched videos over each one. The pattern I found most interesting was nature of the space. This is how humans relate to the space, building or room. The point of the 14 patterns is to improve health and well being and I think if everyone practiced each one it would be a better world.

The readings this week were very long and I’m not very good at concentrating. The reading I found most interesting was the one about smart skin. I learned about the multiple advantages these skins have. The reading was hard to understand. I am not a fan of the readings. They talked about making a skin water resistance I found that to be a good idea.

I liked how the TED talk this week really helped me understand the concept because they used bamboo to make different houses. I think it would be better for the environment if everyone lived in a house built by bamboo. I think this related to the 14 points because it would improve everyones health and well being. I thought it was funny how they made a bathroom in the middle of a room and no one would use it. I found that interesting. I think it is because humans need privacy its how we “relate” to the space.

The next class we got to go to the recycling center. Even though it was a rainy day I think the class still learned a lot from being out of the classroom. I could not believe the piles of cardboard they had to work on. I also found it cool how they bailed it like hay. They weren’t exactly making money they were “saving” money. I also think if we can close the loop by recycling we will see humans health and well being improve. Relating the two classes this past week.

I learned at the recycling center that everything is sorted by hand. This makes me more cautious to not accidentally put glass or food in the bin. We need to make sure we are not confusing the recycling bin with the trash bin.


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