Living Green

This week in class, we spoke about in-store greenery. I enjoyed this topic because of the benefits having plants in your store can bring. Not only can greenery bring an aesthetic appeal to a store, but it can also be stress and anxiety relieving. Shopping really can be a stressful activity at times, so I can see how having plants inside may help. This reading made me want to go purchase my own greenery to keep in my room and in other areas of my house.

The reading about greenery can also relate to the TED talk we watching in class about the woman who helped create and build the bamboo houses in Bali. Not only is this bringing greenery into a home, but it is essentially making the entire home out of greenery! I found this video really interested and I think it might be one of my favorite TED talks to date. The homes and schools she designed with only bamboo were absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it would be to get the opportunity to visit or even stay in one of these structures. I wish creatively built homes, such as the bamboo homes, were more popular in America.

This week, we also had the chance to learn more about sustainability on campus and actually get the chance to visit the OSU recycling center. I personally had no idea that our university even had a sustainability or recycling center. I think they should focus more effort on spreading awareness about these two resources to students and faculty on campus. I loved learning about the furniture drop off they have there. This reminded me of last week’s design slam because I believe one group came up with an idea very similar to this and it is great to see there is already a system like this available! Again, if only more students were aware of this. I thought the trip to the recycling center was very interesting. I’ve never gotten to see the actual process in motion, so I loved that.

I definitely think I learned a lot this week and I am starting to create my own ways I can be sustainable in my daily life even if they are just small changes.

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