Week six was an interesting week, because we learned about both bio-mimicry and we went to the recycling center. Usually we focus on one topic throughout the week, so it was kind of difficult to correlate the two.

As for the reading, I thought it was interesting to so see how we could us bio-mimicry in fourteen different ways. There are many different ways that you can use it. There was one question that Aditya posed to us, which was do you find the most unlikely way for you to use bio-mimicry? As I was looking through the list, I thought that the most interesting one was the “Risk/Peril” outlook. As I mentioned in class, its like using a glass floor. It looks scary, because you could be up so high and you would be uncertain if the floor would hold you or not. So the risk is you would fall and possibly get hurt or die, but the beautiful thing about this is that you are now able to see all the beautiful nature under you that you wouldn’t usually see.

While watching the TedTalk, her uses of bio-mimicry in her projects in Bali are amazing. She and her father not only design to be able to see as much nature as possible. But they also use a very readily available building material, bamboo. Not only using the natural material, but also using many natural and organic shapes. She said that in Bali they encourage the artisans and they encourage the building of these complete bamboo buildings.

Visiting the recycling center was also very interesting, even though it didn’t directly correlate with the use of bio-mimicry. When we were there they showed us how they use the bailer, and how the new bailer that they have is a lot more efficient and effective than the older one. I honestly though that there would be more cardboard and papers used on the entire OSU campus. However, they could have gotten a lot of work done before we got there, so it didn’t seem like that much. As for the man that gave the speech and his two employees, they were very helpful in showing us the process and how they get to the end process.


Overall I thought that it was super cool to go to the recycling center, I didn’t really know what it took to get to the end result of the cardboard and paper bails.




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