Biophilic Influence

This week again was filled with trips and opportunities to see other people’s perspectives on sustainability and chances to see what opportunities were offered on our campus to be more sustainable ourselves and the process that our recycled objects go through when collected. I enjoyed the visit on Tuesday from Ida Hershey as she demonstrated the many different sustainable milestones that OSU’s campus has accomplished over the years, including the water bottle fillers at each water fountain on campus. It was great to hear that it was a group of students that brought this idea to the campus and incorporated it first only in the union and classroom building, then became popular and is attached to almost every water fountain on campus now. When she brought this up during class, it took me back to the walk around tour from my senior high school year. The water fountains had already been installed in many places on campus and was one of the great aspects that caught my eye when choosing where I wanted to complete my college career.

It was also great to hear from Ida about the clothing bin used for recycling at the end of the year when students move out and get rid of clothing or furniture. This would have been a wonderful piece of knowledge to know before my senior year, and it was disappointing to be first hearing about these opportunities available to all students. I know that in the more residential communities on the outskirts of campus, there are many people who have left the furniture that they no longer want outside in the weather to be torn down and infested then eventually picked up as trash instead of being submitted to one of these recycling bins that could be found on campus. I really think that there should be some kind of service offered and promoted that someone will come pick up your old furniture from your home if called instead of being picked up as trash. The recycled furniture could then be taken to a place like the sustainability location for the cardboard to be separated of the different materials to be sent off to other locations that would be able to reuse the materials in other ways or also be sent to the upholstery shop so it could be refurbished and sold at a local store to new student coming to OSU.

I believe that the recycled furniture operation could work here in Stillwater and many other college or university towns to cut down on the furniture waste that adds up every year. It would work because people naturally don’t want to waste or lose the clean environment that we consider ourselves privileged to live in, but waste anyways because we have become lazy individuals. Which brings me to the readings that we had for Thursday’s class and bio design for ID students. The article we read talked about how as human beings, we are drawn to natural environments for survival and comfort. Everyone is drawn to places and environments that feel safe and can provide us easily with food and shelter. No one wants to live in a town that doesn’t provide these safety features. Although we are lazy in just simply accessing the provided nutrients that the world already gives us and instead find lazy ways to go about finding things that provide a similar feeling of our natural environmental needs with manufactured things. The article discussed the use of natural lighting in homes and buildings, explaining how people feel better when nature is incorporated into our daily lives like it is supposed to be. Using biophilic designs where we bring living plants, water and natural textures into our indoor environment helps keep our primal state of minds at ease and feel more at home when we aren’t able to enjoy the environment provided naturally for us outdoors. The fourteen patterns help us connect to the environment with the materials, and interest that nature can create with natural forms, shapes and shades created. The ten ted also explains ways that we can change our manufacturing process to help aid in creating a better environment that we are living in by lessening waste and treating nature better.


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