Blog 5

In this weeks sustainability class I learned about how having green in your store environment can help your shoppers. Nature is all around us. Since we see it everyday when we walk outside why can’t we see it when we walk into a store to shop. Having plants in a store makes customers more calm and happy. It improves their behavior and causes them to be more pleasant. Having trees outside of a store causes the area to be more pleasing to the consumer. Even having nature sounds playing in the background can make the environment more pleasing. This causes the consumer to see the store in a more positive way. When I looked at the pictures of green plants in the store vs. when they were out of the store, even I felt calmer when I saw the green plants in the store. I really enjoyed the Ted talk about the bamboo houses this last week. I found it interesting how they could bend the bamboo and shape it into whatever they wanted it to look like. I was amazed that it didn’t break when they bent it. It made me want to get some bamboo and start creating my own buildings. They created homes and a school out of it. It made me wonder if you could create a hospital or even an office building out of bamboo and what that would look like. The bamboo is so light that a small women can carry it. Plus it can withstand a lot of weight. The homes that were created with the bamboo were amazing. Instead of regular doorways they had circle shaped doors. The homes even had plumbing, which was amazing. My favorite of the 14 patterns was presence of water. I really enjoy being around water. Buildings that have a water feature or homes that have fountains are my favorite place to be. Growing up around a lake made me appreciate water and the calm, beauty, and joyful feeling it gave me. Setting in front of water can calm you and make you feel at peace. Sometimes when I feel stressed I will go home and set in front of the lake. I will breathe in the air and listen to the water and nature around me. Sometime I even take a good book to read and read at the lake. I always come back feeling refreshed and joyful. I learned a lot from the sustainability lecture and visit. Here is what I learned:

  • Most of the OSU energy comes from windmills
  • About 72% of OSU energy comes from windmills
  • They break down boxes and compact them into bails of cardboard
  • They sell the card board to a company that reuses the cardboard
  • The also shred paper and put them into bails
  • Pepsi will buy the aluminum from OSU and make them into soda cans
  • In 2007 they started to ask faculty, staff, and students to conserve energy
  • They asked them to turn off lights, computers, unplug chargers from the walls when they were not using them
  • The school has been able to save millions
  • Sustainability isn’t about saving the planet its about saving nature
  • OSU knows where every tree is on campus and can tell you have much they cost
  • When planting new trees the plant trees that don’t use as much water
  • OSU is committed to being green
  • They sell cups that you can reuse for refills on campus. They only cost .99 to refill and they save us from wasting an other bottle
  • OSU business students created a water fountain that purifies the tap water and then lets you fill your water bottle up, it saves us from buying water bottles and throwing them away

By: Hayley Taylor



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