Blog 5

Week six

This week I learned about the impact of in store greenery and shopping behavior. I loved reading about this because I was just reading about what plants you are supposed to have in your home to reduce stress and anxiety. The article actually stated that the presence of in-store vegetation leads to reduced feelings of stress in consumers. The article also concluded that the presence of in store vegetation leads to increased feelings of excitement in consumers. This increased the positive impact the consumer has when leaving the store, increasing the possibility of them returning. After reading this article, what did I take away? I realized how easy of a change this could make in not only a store setting, but also exploring plants and vegetation for a lot more settings. This is a natural therapeutic remedy that could positively impact a lot of situations and people.


On Tuesday, we learned about the sustainability office on campus, and took a trip to the recycling plant. While at the recycling plant, I learned that you cannot recycle glass (which I have been doing…) and only a few men work and sort all the waste! I never would have imagined how labor intensive that field is, before it is smashed, and sorted by their hydraulic machines.

I knew we had a sustainability office, however I am frustrated that they do not spread their advocacy throughout campus more. As a senior, I was only aware of one way they reduce our energy/waste; the game day trash clean up. This is only one incredible way they sustainably react to our waste as a campus. I like how they have a furniture/textile pickup and drop off for when students move out of their dorms. Every student needs to know about this! I also learned that furniture is the least recycled product. I found it interesting that the university’s energy is from wind power in Blackwell, OK. All of these are small ways the sustainability office has positively affected our campus and earth. Since they started their green coalition in 2007 they have saved around $445 million just from simply making our students aware of how to save energy!


We watched a few Ted Talks on Thursday, which I really enjoyed. My favorite was seeing how bamboo could be transformed and designed to make a home. It makes you wonder what other natural cellulosic items we could use to build structures to reduce waste.



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