Blog 5



This week was a very interesting week because we went to the recycling center and had a lady within the OSU recycling department give us a brief lecture. I liked going to the recycling center and actually being able to see things like all that cardboard that was there. It eye opening to actually see that in person rather than us just keep hearing about it. I also liked her lecture because she explained how recycling isn’t the best way to be sustainable. She pointed out the unsustainable things that go into recycling, for example, how we have to transport all the recycle materials to other places. She talked about one really good way of being sustainable is to reuse. I don’t live a very sustainable life and I am trying to change my ways. I will start becoming more sustainable by not just recycling, but trying to reuse in all the ways I can.

The readings this week were also very interesting. The smart skin reading was a little tricky for me to completely understand, but I enjoyed the interior design reading a lot. This reading was about the psychological relevance of light. It mentioned how light is an indicator of things like object identification, time of day, and weather. More interiors need to include availability to natural light because without it, it would be hard to determine what time of day it was, what the weather is like, and what different objects are.

I really liked the TED talk about the bamboo buildings. I thought this was such a cool idea to create buildings made out of bamboo not only because it looks cool, but because it’s a sustainable way of creating buildings too. I never knew bamboo had the strength and was capable of creating such buildings, but after their research and hard work they created these awesome sustainable buildings. I hope one day I can visit Bali and see these buildings in person.

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