Blog 5

This past week I took a study abroad trip to New York City. For my blog this week I needed to find something sustainable in NYC to write about. The second we stepped out of the doors at the airport I thought it smelled heavily of pollution, so I was worried that New York may not have very many sustainable practices. Much to my surprise, we checked into our hotel soon after this and the water bottle I purchased was made of 100% recycled plastic. I was pretty shocked to find this instead of a regular Smart Water or Aquafina in the lobby mini mart. The next day a few of my friends and I decided to eat at a place called Shake Shack. While waiting for our order I glanced at the back of the receipt and read that they proudly stated Shake Shack was “Good ‘n’ Green.” Their receipt said none of their recyclable material from their restaurants ends up in landfills. When we were ready to leave, the bins by the door all had different descriptions of where our trash went so that it could be easily recyclable. After this, I started looking for sustainable things all over the city.


We had many appointments with businesses and firms throughout the week. One company that stood out to me for its sustainable practices was Mara Hoffman. When asked about what they did to promote sustainability I was in shock by all they did. They have strict guidelines of the fibers they use to make sure they are within their sustainability fibers. The fibers they use in their garments are made from pulp fabric that in turn can be reforested. I had never heard of something like this and was very intrigued at what a great idea and example of cradle to cradle this is. They also said that vendors would use recycled garments to pull the fibers from and make the textiles renewable showing yet another way to have sustainable materials. Mara Hoffman is striving toward being GOT certified which would mean that every single stage of their process must be organic to the point of even if the sewing machine in the factory where a garment produced didn’t have the correct organic foot feed.


Going to New York City this week and searching for sustainable practices all across the city really made me more in tune with how important these practices are. I hope these practices will soon trickle down to more rural areas so we can have more people and companies leading sustainable lives and reducing their carbon footprint as well.

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