Blog 5

In-store greenery, the topic of the week, is extremely relevant in our society not only as a sustainable factor but also as a popular trend in people’s everyday lives. This is something retail stores should take advantage of especially because it’s something you can’t experience through the online portal. Plants bring more than trendy aesthetic. They can provide a welcoming and relaxing experience by the aroma it gives off into the store environment.

The TED Talk about the bamboo homes was amazing! I love the creativity that she came up with to create the spectacular homes and schools out of bamboo. These structures are beyond aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to the environment. It would be an amazing experience to get to see one of these well-designed homes in person. My favorite part about these houses is not only that they are beautiful but they are designed for a purpose and to work with the environment around it instead of working against it.

I am surprised that I have not heard that we have a sustainability office before our visit. I was happy to learn that they do a lot for our campus and have saved so much money by saving energy. I hope that their presence on campus becomes larger and more known in the coming years. I think they have a lot of opportunity to create more jobs and begin to make the recycling center a lot bigger and offer more things to be recycled since they still are not able to recycle glass. I learned that they offer a service of picking up furniture from students that do not want it anymore and they recycle it. I wish I would’ve known about this in previous years because I have been in the situation of not knowing what to do with furniture that isn’t wanted anymore. I think this is something that could be really helpful to so many students.

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