Blog 5

This week I feel the most interesting and important thing I learned and could use in my future as an interior designers was the TedTalk about the architect who designed strictly with bamboo. This stood out to me for many reasons. The first being the beauty of the architecture and how well it blended with the surrounding environment. The structures she designed were extremely massive but they were so well interconnected with the nature and ecosystem is was in. Another thing was the material used. Bamboo grows so quickly that when they cut it to use the next day it has already grown a couple feet. Yes, they are cutting down this bamboo and using it for construction but because of its quick growth is it not affecting the environment around it. Bamboo is also very strong, durable, and very lightweight which makes the structure sustainable and maintain well. This TedTalk closely relates to all 14 of the patterns of biophillic design. These structures created have visual and non visual connection with nature, a dynamic and diffuse of light, connection with natural systems, biomorphic forms and patterns, a material connection with nature. refuge, mystery, thermal and airflow variability, and risk and peril elements. The other biophillic patterns (prospect and  presence of water) could be included in these structures as well but they ones presented did not have these elements.

To me these structures were the definition of biophillic design and they inspired me to use materials and design in  away that incorporates nature and doesn’t disrupt the nature around.

I also related to the reading on greenery in retail store. This is something that I have personally experienced, and the research done confirms this. The experiment explained has shown that having greenery in retail store reduced stress, adds feelings of pleasure and creates a more positive mood. This in return will helps sales and make the customer feel more relaxed in their shopping experience. This is important in every store I believe because it promotes a happier customer and makes the customer want to wonder around the store longer. From a business standpoint this should be very important to every business and retailor.

Lastly, the reading over bioinspired smart skins. This concept has been in progress for sometime but is something that will be very useful in the future. The main concepts of smart skins that correlator to nature are tactile sensing, thermal sensing and regulation, environmental energy harvesting, ultra violet protection, chromatic minetism, adhesion, and surface mediation of mobility. Although I don’t know a lot about fashion design and this use with clothes, I feel as though it relates closely to interiors, and the way we design. we can incorporate some of these things to affect mood and feelings in a space which is important for overall happiness.

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