Blog 5

In week 6 of Sustainable Design we covered Bibliophile which suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. In relation to Bio we were given choices of articles to read as their pertained to our interest and majors. In the article i chose of “ID Bio inspired place and design”, it explains how we as humans thrive on sunlight and the emotional effects it has on our bodies. When in rooms with little natural sunlight and over use of florescent light we tend to become melancholy and lack the needed mental nutrition we gain from the suns rays. The article goes on to explain how this way of design can also effect our sleeping habits that derived from the earths daylight cycle stating that with impression lighting we tend to loose the understanding of time within our body and in return messes with sleep function and cycle. In following lecture we took a tour of the OSU Recycling center and were shown the process of recycling cardboard and compost to fertilize the campus. On this tour i noticed the extensive duties of the recycling crew and helped me better understand the process of which sorting various recyclables takes and that not all items can be properly deposed of within the same areas, as well as make me better my job of sorting and properly disposing recyclable items such as cardboard or pieces of furniture packaging.

My two personal favorites of the 14 patterns were risk and complexity. I greatly related to both in a way that i understood their meanings from literal meaning and experience. With risk you take there is always the unknown outcome with any plan you make. Complexity correlates to risk from a interior design stand point there can be complex designs for a space that runs the ultimate risk of failure, and that sometimes the risk of a designed space is the complexity of its own design. with these designs there are health benefits of stress relief depending on both risk and complex designs as well attitude feed back that is given of from the one using the space and that way the space reads to its user. In relation to the complexity and attitude of a interior build/design was this weeks TED Talk hosted by Elora Hardy who is a renowned architect who creates extravagant housing using up to 1400 species of bamboo. These houses are designed to withstand the tropical environment its built in by having roofing that catches the tropic breezes and being made of a material that can with stand and move with earthquakes that occur in that region. Hardy has found an ultimate use for a abundant fast growing product while using natural environmentally friendly treatments to protect this outstanding architecture.

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