Blog 5

Week 6

I really enjoyed this week. I felt I learned a lot in terms of how sustainable OSU is. Which made me feel really good about attending a university who is so focused on being sustainable and eco-friendly. Inspiring me to take even more use of our campuses recycling opportunities.


The Smart Skin reading was extremely eye-opening. Learning about what artificial skins are and what they can do taught me a lot. It’s amazing and actually really cool to see what scientist and designers are coming up with these days. The smart skin seems like something that is not only sustainable but also something that seems to be highly functional and helpful. The lecture took us more in-depth of what biophillic design is. Which seems to be another e unique and important aspect of sustainability. All the examples we looked at showed us how biophilic design is in play worldwide, especially within the architecture and interior industry. Those examples also showed what each 14 pattern looks like and how they can be healthy. Such as reducing stress, increasing cognitive performance, and affecting emotion/mood positively. Lastly, I absolutely loved Elora Hardy’s TED talk. Using bamboo to build amazing homes proved to be sustainable in various ways and very unique as well. I think designers and builders could learn a lot from this and start taking part in utilizing this resource to become more sustainable and eco-friendly when it comes to building different structures.

Sustainability Lecture & Visit

The Sustainability Lecture and Visit showed me just how sustainable our campus is. We are really playing a huge part in not only keeping our environment clean but our community/campus as well. I never knew prior to this how much we do here in terms of recycling and our sustainable practices. Now I feel I can share this knowledge with others, to not only show them how sustainable we are. But how they can take part in our sustainable practices; to began a more “green” life style for themselves. So that we can  take more care of our campus, community, and planet for future generations.

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