Blog 5

During the past week I flew to New York City for the Merchandising Manhattan Study Tour. While being there we were given the task to find practices of sustainable design being put in use. Being that New York is an ecological nightmare, full of toxic fumes and extensive amounts of garbage, I predicted that finding sustainable uses would be a challenge. It was to my surprise that the city was attempting to alter its normal procedures in multiple ways, to perform safer environmental actions.

When visiting Mara Hoffman, we learned about the designers new sustainable processes that they just began using. A few of the employees had explained how Mara recently had children, which changed her perspective of creating a healthy future that she wanted her kids to grow up in. As a company they progressed by becoming cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which was said to be very hard to achieve. In addition they used 100% regenerated nylon fibers made from waste, and polyester made from recycled polymers that reduces landfill waste. They admitted that they had not been committed to sustainable design from the start, however I believe that is inspiring for other companies to join in on the change.

Other sustainable practices that I noticed were receipts or items from restaurants that printed “please dispose of me properly,” or other forms of recycle promotions on them. I also had noticed that every trashcan on each street had a recycling can placed next to it. In our hotel rooms the trashcan was separated in two sections of trash and recycling as well. Most of the places we visited had incorporated some type of recycling or eco friendly announcement in it. Lastly I had taken note on how many people walked places instead of driving cars, which helped reduce fossil fuel use.

Although New York produces one of the highest amounts of waste a day, I was stunned by the amount of sustainable changes they are implementing. Although the whole city has yet to catch onto the eco friendly trend, there are many businesses initiating it with the right mindset. I was very inspired by the procedures being made in New York and am excited to see how it progresses in the future.


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