Blog 5

I have missed out on Week 6 activities and lectures because I was in New York City for the DHM department study abroad trip. However, while in New York City I found some sustainable practices in place. In Central Park, I found these trash bins and recycle bins that were sporadically throughout the entire park. They had one for trash, one for bottles and cans, and another one for magazines and newspapers.

There were also recycle bins like these placed throughout the city. I thought it was great that the city had these and I wish we had more of these in Oklahoma. I feel like in bigger cities there are more opportunities to recycle because there are more people who are likely to do it.

recycle bins

Being in New York City, you are surrounded by so many fashion retailers. While I was in H&M, I saw belts with green tags like the one below and saw that they were made through a process that was more sustainable. H&M also had recycling bins for old clothes and if you donated a certain amount then you could get 15% off your next purchase.

h&m tag

The article about the in-store greenery was very interesting. I feel like after this trip to New York City, I can relate to how being in an environment with nature can make you feel differently. In the city you are surrounded by buildings and I could count on one hand how many trees I saw outside of Central Park on one hand. I realized that seeing nature and open fields is so amazing and how I took that for granted. I am used to seeing trees all around all the time and seeing animals around, whereas in New York City I missed all that. I feel like adding greenery would not only benefit the environment but it would make stores more up to date. People care more about the environment now more than ever and if you were to bring plants inside your store then you may get more people wanting to spend more time in your store because it is green and beautiful.

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