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In Elora Hardy’s TED Talk she opened by talking about a time in her childhood when her mom asked her what her dream house would be, she replied by saying it would look like a mushroom, and soon after that her mother had one built for her. This was the introduction to a talk that was very captivating and interesting.  She discussed how she uses bamboo in each of her designs and how “bamboo will treat you well if you use it right.”   I’ve never really thought of using bamboo as the actual bones of a structure, I think partially because I see it as a hollow plant that shouldn’t be very strong because its not whole.  I never knew the advantages of bamboo and, unfortunately, I’ve never studied the growth patterns of it so when she mentioned watching it grow a meter in about a week I was shocked.  I now see that bamboo could be a really wonderful alternative to other types of wood and building materials. It is light weight but extremely strong and able to withstand the harshness of the environment. Building with bamboo used to not be a possibility due to the inability to treat it to fend off insects, but thanks to improvements in science it is now able to be done allowing us to use it in many different ways. 
Biophilia design allows for better contact with the natural world. It is considered the architecture of life.  One of the fourteen patterns of biophilic design, and my personal favorite as I love the sound of running water and the beauty and calmness it brings, is the presence of water. A good example of this is Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Falling Water.  If there was ever a dwelling place that connected so well with nature it would be Falling Water.  An example of a spiritual dwelling place wold be Thorncrown Chapel in Arkansas. I have been there and it is BREATHTAKING!! You can truly feel the presence of the Creator and the creativity He placed in the minds of the builders who have left such a large, magnificent fingerprint on the chapel. I have multiple friends that have gotten engaged there and their pictures are just stunning because of the way nature falls into place so perfectly out in the middle of the forest. 

This past week, & I really think the visit to the plant played a large part in this, I saw how sustainable OSU is as a whole and that was really cool to me!  I enjoyed when Mrs. Hershey came & discussed the opportunities on campus. The one that suck out to me was the reupholstering furniture. I think that’s really wonderful that we have that opportunity on campus. It enables the furniture that has been used for years and years to continue to be used, just made more modern to match the rooms they are being used more. 

Our visit to the sustainability plant on campus was very eye opening.  I knew we got rid of a ton of trash on campus, and I’ve known how important recycling is, but seeing all the work that goes into making sure that everything that is disposed of is properly taken care of was extraordinary. The men that work there are extremely hard workers and it shows in the amount of cubes of recycled material that was stacked on top of each other in the back corner. 

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