Blog 5

This week, getting to see the recycling plant really helped me understand that Stillwater is trying its hardest to make sure we get the most out of our resources. Being in a college town, you never really realize how much cardboard is being thrown away during campus move ins, but its nice seeing that the recycling plant takes the steps to reuse these supplies.

Hearing Ida Hershey talk about what Oklahoma State University does to be sustainable was incredible. I had no idea there was even a sustainability office on campus because it is not really advertised. I thought it was really cool that the food that is thrown away in Stillwater goes to local farmers to be used for their compost.

Elora Hardy’s TED talk about using bamboo to create structures like houses and schools in Bali was mind blowing. She mentioned that bamboo was very structurally sound, much like steel, and could withstand natural disasters like earthquakes. Bamboo can be altered to any shape and there is an immense supply of bamboo worldwide. This TED talk corresponds with number eight in the fourteen patterns, biomorphic forms and patterns.

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