Blog 5

I enjoyed the material this week. The reading from this week made me think back to Visual Merchandising class and when we discussed how the store atmosphere affects the customers in store purchases. While reading about in store greenery, I thought about my favorite stores to shop in. Most of the stores have some sort of greenery but they also have a very open and welcoming environment. The stores that come to mind when I think of stores with greenery are all local stores in the Oklahoma City area. I feel like local stores are more environmentally aware and care more about their community and the store environment.


The 14 patterns were very interesting and I enjoyed learning about each one. I also enjoyed hearing about the different places that were used as examples. I also really enjoyed the 10 TED talks that we watched. When I first heard that we were watching 10 ted talks I was not excited. It seemed like a lot to watch but the way they presented the material was very different and it held my attention. I liked learning about the different ideas in the ted talks because it was presented in a different learning style.  I think that the TED talk by Elora Hardy was one of my favorites so far. It was so cool to see how she uses bamboo to build houses. I feel like some people think of a sustainable house as not being cool or modern so it was interesting to see all the different designs and features of the homes. I have heard of and used bamboo in products like shampoo and bed sheets so I enjoyed learning about how it is used in different ways.


Visiting the recycling center was very interesting and beneficial. I have always recycled at my house growing up but was not aware of anything beyond that. My roommates and I recycle at our house here but we were not sure of everything that could be recycled here so I am glad I got to learn about the process. I had also heard the rumors that OSU throws away the recycling but now I can tell people who say that the process of OSU recycling. It was crazy to see all of the work that just 4 guys do everyday. I had never really thought about the money that was made from recycling but more just about the benefits that recycling has on our earth. It was cool to see how hard the guys there work because it makes me want to try harder with my recycling efforts. Since I am now more aware of recycling, I noticed that a very environmentally friendly restaurant I ate at this weekend did not have recycling. This restaurant was a very healthy salad and sandwich place and the environment of the restaurant felt very organic and environmentally friendly. This restaurant had probably 25 different aluminum cans and glass bottle drink choices. When I went to throw away my sparkling water can, I looked for a recycling area but could not find one. I looked around in several different areas and never found one. I thought this was very interesting because of the vibe and the environmentally friendly feeling that the restaurant had.

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